A large part of our business is based on providing unique, total cost saving, and heavy duty corrugated packagings for a variety of industries, applications and customers with widely requirments and design flexibility.


Tri-Wall Pak® Container

Tri-Wall Pak (AAA flutes) and Bi-Wall Pak (AA flutes) heavy-duty corrugated sheets have been internationally recognized as standardized quality specification.

  • Tailored design and production for individual packaging challenges
  • Highest quality AA and AAA  waves in grades between 850G-1500G 


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Tri-Wall EZ-Bulk®

  • Bulk liquid packaging system uses for shipment/storage of products such as chemicals, food-grade powders, liquids, etc.
  • Octagon body constructed of one piece Tri-Wall corrugated with an additional high tensile filament wrap giving high strength and durability
  • Replace drums, pails, or cans with quick assembly by one person result in lower labor cost





Tri-Wall Uni-Pak® System

  • Returnable, lightweight, strong when stacked, easy to assemble and space efficient when be collapsible
  • No banding, nails or tape required





Tri-Wall Octabin®

Suitable solution for bulk shipment of chemical resin and pellet, chemical powder, elastomer, bio-plastic pellet and
powder, dry flowable materials, agricultural produce, wide array of smaller, and non-fragile items.




Tri-Wall Pallets

Pallets made from Tri-Wall Pak® materials offer many advantages over wooden or plastic pallets: lighter weight, pest-free, no fumigation requirements, design flexibility, environmental friendly, and ease of disposal




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